The Baby is Here!

The baby is hereIf you’ve been wondering why things have gotten a bit quiet around here, it’s because about a week and a half ago, our little Miss Crumb Saver entered the world!

It’s been quite an adventure so far adjusting to everything, so we haven’t had much time to write any new posts. So you’ll pardon us for keeping this one short, and also as we take a brief hiatus from regular postings for a bit. We’ll be back—we promise!

In the meantime, until our next post, here are a few photos to introduce you to the little sweet pea. [Read more…]

How We’re Saving for College—and How We’re Not

Saving for CollegeWith the impending arrival of our baby, her future and what to do about college savings has been on my mind a lot lately–and I assume many of you parents are in a similar boat.  I’m the type that likes to do a thorough analysis before making any major financial decisions, so for something as big (and EXPENSIVE!) as college, I thought I should do a bit of research and thinking BEFORE all the sleepless nights. That way I won’t regret not having a proper plan in place later.

I addressed the question of how to save for our daughter’s college by simply asking myself a bunch of questions. This post contains the answers that we’ve arrived at so far for ourselves for each of these questions.  This is subject to change as life happens, and certainly others will have different conclusions, but hopefully what I share can help you in the thinking process and in answering these questions for yourself. [Read more…]

Why Be a Stay at Home Mom? 9 Reasons.

Why Be a Stay At Home Mom

This month marks a momentous milestone in my life – I have retired. No, not to vacation or lounge around, but to full-time mommyhood. Before you think the baby has come, she hasn’t. She is still snuggly hanging out in my tummy and wiggling like an active little fish as I write. However, this month I have started transitioning to being a stay-at-home mom.

For some people, this news may elicit a quizzical “Why???” or a “that-doesn’t-sound-very-fun” expression, especially when you factor in the significant blow it makes on our income – a loss of nearly 50%! Ouch! Now that should make any Crumb Saver reanalyze their finances and wonder if this really is the best idea. (If you’ve read our previous blog post on paying off our house in 2 years, you’ll see that it was indeed part of our plan to being financially prepared for my retirement to mommyhood.)

However, even with the knowledge of a painful income cut, staying at home with our children has always been the natural step that Al and I assumed would come with family life. It was so in line with the other values we shared, I don’t think we even discussed it before we got married! If we had, the conversation probably would have gone something like this:

Is the husband going to financially support the family? Excuse me, does he have any other choice?

Are we going to pay off our credit card bill every month? Was NOT paying it off ever an option??

Is the wife going to stay home with the kids? Do YOU plan on breastfeeding the baby???

Now that we’re writing this blog, we’ve actually received questions from readers as to WHY I’m choosing to be a stay-at-home mom. So now, 5 years into marriage, Al and I decided it would be a good idea to discuss our reasons and share some of them with you.

So here are 9 reasons why Mrs. Crumb Saver is staying home with Little Miss Crumb Saver once she makes her appearance: [Read more…]

How to Pay Off the House in 2 Years

How to Pay Off the House in 2 YearsToday marks a momentous occasion in our lives. One for which we have been waiting for some time. No—the baby hasn’t come yet. Today marks exactly two years to the day from when we closed on our house…and today also marks the day when we have PAID THE FINAL PAYMENT ON THE HOUSE! That’s right, our home has been paid off in exactly two years.

Mortgages are so overrated.

If you’ve followed us for very long on this blog, then you’ve probably seen a number of posts on the topics related to our thoughts on and experiences in homeownership. Here they are again if you want to take in the full story:

[Read more…]

What Does A Baby Really Need?

What Does a Baby Need?Retailers target people at major life transitions, such as graduations, weddings, and the birth of a baby—especially the birth of a baby. They know that at these major life events, people tend to be irrational about their spending and it could potentially develop brand-loyalty for the rest of their lives. (Like when people spend $30k on a wedding!) This article from Forbes explains that Target’s marketing was so scarily effective that they automatically started sending maternity ads to a pregnant teen even before her father knew she was expecting!

As expecting parents ourselves, we have been well aware of the entire marketing world’s heavy artillery trained on the bull’s-eye on our foreheads for the past few months. The message we have been bombarded with has hit on the same, constant refrain: [Read more…]

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