Sweet Potato Bonanza

Sweet PotatoWhen Al and I purchased and moved into our first home a year ago, there were many things that were a bit unsightly around our new house. The tall skinny cypress tree by the garage was noticeably crooked, one of the blue decorative window shutters was missing a panel, and there was this annoying little patch of grass in front of our garage surrounded by sidewalk. Al extremely disliked all of them, but especially that little patch of grass which required extra time and attention when mowing. In frustration one day, he decided he had had enough. And within an afternoon, we had covered the patch with cardboard and and a layer of compost to thoroughly smother any green life threatening to poke through.

Although it worked well for a while, soon the brown compost itself seemed a bit unsightly, and the water from the gutter washed dirt all over the sidewalk. So we decided to look for an inexpensive ground cover. In our search, we found the perfect solution in one unpretentious plant: Enter the lowly sweet potato. [Read more...]

Credit Cards: Friend or Foe?

Credit Cards: Friend of Foe?Credit cards are a way of life nowadays in our modern society, but should they be? We get flashed with credit card ads everywhere we turn, and we’re told we just can’t get through life without one (or many). Then we hear guys like Dave Ramsey who give the impression that credit cards are an invention straight from the devil. What are we to make of all this? Are credit cards friend or foe to the thrifty Crumb Saver?

Let’s hit some fast facts on the two sides of this divide, shall we? [Read more...]

A Special Anniversary Weekend – Crumb Saver Style

Anniversary WeekendMr. Crumb Saver and I recently celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary. Wow, what a milestone that an analytical numbers nerd and a penny-pinching frugal girl survived 4 years of marriage! Not that we couldn’t get along, mind you. Analytical nerdiness and penny pinchiness go together like hand in glove. The miracle is that this couple didn’t starve to death as many thought they would on their $60/month rations or melt into a puddle of sweat as others thought was inevitable when not using AC 24/7 in the middle of summer. We’re still alive! And we’re here to tell you how we celebrated 4 years of survival. [Read more...]

Lessons on Turning 30

Life LessonsSo I turned 30 years old yesterday. While I’m not usually the sentimental type, my wife insists that this is a big milestone, so I figured that I should reflect on the first three decades of my existence and see what I have learned. Perhaps it’ll help me figure out what else to learn in my next 30 years.  (Or just show my incredibly bad memory!)

So here goes a list of sundry and somewhat random musings on one score and ten years: [Read more...]

An Update on Glyde

Update on GlydeRecently I wrote about how I bought two iPhones 5ses from Glyde for nearly half off the current full retail price. (You would probably be well served to catch up on that post before reading this one.) Seeing that Glyde sports an unconventional business model, and there are probably a few questions about its street cred out there (I know I had my doubts), I thought I’d write a follow-up update on my experience with them for your benefit. [Read more...]

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