FREE $25 Credit: Rue La La Fashion

Rue La LaI’m not usually into online fashion purchases but ran across this promotion this week and thought I’d share another great freebie!

Rue La La is a very upscale fashion website that sells designer label clothing and accessories for discounted prices. You can find $790 Prada sandals discounted $400, but also $125 summer dresses discounted to $25 . They have women’s, men’s, and children’s clothing, shoes, accessories, and even some housewares. Products are available for a limited time, so it’s best to snag something quick if you decide you want it.

You have to be a member to purchase from them, but membership is free AND if you sign up from now until Aug. 6, 2014 there is a $25 credit for new members. [Read more...]

A New Definition of “Rich” and a Simple Formula to Get There

New Definition of RichEverybody wants to be rich.

But we human beings are born preprogrammed with selfish and greedy tendencies.  Tendencies that we’re taught are bad.  So often there’s a tension where we view wealth as simultaneously good and bad at the same time.  As this CNN Money article, “America’s love/hate relationship with the rich” aptly describes, we love to hate the rich guys but yet we are enamored with the entrepreneur who “makes it” by grit and hard work.  Is it wrong to desire to be rich? Or is it noble to pursue wealth?

I think it all depends on your definition of “rich”. [Read more...]

Eat Your Weeds

Eat Your WeedsWhen we were extending our driveway, the construction guys dumped a big pile of TN clay dirt right next to our house. At first we thought it might be useful to fill in holes or ditches, but now it has become quite an eyesore.

If you can see that little carved out spot on the right, that shows where Al and I labored in the heat, sweat running down our faces in torrents, just so we could start moving that ugly pile of dirt and hide it behind the pond. Here it is in the beautiful golden hours of the morning after my jog looking its best: [Read more...]

Everyday Investing

Everyday InvestingInvesting.

What is it?

A quick browse online will quickly reveal a bevy of news outlets, finance blogs, and other websites discussing investments ad nauseum. Stocks! Bonds! Gold! Real estate! Bitcoin! It can be a bit daunting to wade through for sure.  So I thought I’d share a few thoughts on investing and how investing principles can be applied in our everyday lives to help us save those crumbs. [Read more...]

How I Got Married in a Cheap Wedding Dress

Cheap Wedding DressEvery bride wants to look beautiful on their wedding day. Radiant, vibrant, breath-stoppingly gorgeous. But perhaps the biggest dilemma that plagues many brides, sometimes up to the week before the wedding (horrors!), is finding the right dress. How in the whole wide world, among the thousands upon thousands of dresses hanging in bridal shops and listed online, will she find the perfect, most dazzling wedding gown that will:

    – make her look slender

    – fit her personal “style”

    – have the right neck cut, waist cut, train length, and sleeve style

    – be approved by her mother, mother-in-law, and grandmother

    – and oh….did we mention….it has to be cheap

[Read more...]

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