4 Ingredient Pesto in 4 Easy Steps

Pesto On BreadThis year, Al and I grew 5 basil plants in our planter boxes. They’ve been growing so well in this hot Tennessee summer, that we’ve been having a hard time keeping up with them!

We love the strong, punchy flavor of basil, but the only ways we know how to use up large quantities at a time are by making bruschetta (oh, heavenly!) and pesto (for my all-time favorite pasta). So, with our basil plants producing more than the 2 of us can eat, we’ve found that the best way to preserve it is by making pesto and freezing it. Not only is it just as delicious when we pull it out of the freezer in the middle of winter, but I can use up tons of fresh basil during the summer with just a quick whiz in the food processor. [Read more...]

How to Save Water

How to Save WaterWater is our most precious resource it has often been said.  Both Deb and I grew up in California and we still have many friends and family living there, so we aren’t unfamiliar with the ever-looming specter of drought.  (Especially in recent years.)  Conserving water has a far greater impact than simply cutting down our water bill today, but it’s preserving the resource for the future as well.

The tips below are divided into two categories.  Tips and techniques that cost nothing, and those that involve an upfront investment for greater savings down the road. [Read more...]

6 Financially Important Traits to Look for in a Wife

Frugal Wife TraitsIn keeping with what Mrs. Crumb Saver started, I thought it only appropriate that I share some tips for those hapless chaps out there who may be about to step into the financial maelstrom that often comes with marriage. Let me tell you this, the majority of financial arguments and difficulties in marriage can be remedied by making sure you marry a financially compatible girl to begin with. So how do you, a budding Crumb Saver, identify such a girl? I’m so glad you asked!

Here are 6 traits to look for in a crumb-saving wife: [Read more...]

4 Financially Important Traits to Look for in a Husband

Frugal Husband TraitsWhen I was single I knew I wanted a spouse who was wise with money. In fact, there it was on my husband wishlist: “FRUGAL”. (But what it really meant was, “I hope he’ll go to thrift shops with me and not be embarrassed.”) I’ll admit, I was a little ignorant as to what I was really looking for in this area. But how was I to know what a “frugal” husband really looked like?

Of course, I don’t claim to know everything on the topic today. But after 4 years of being married to Mr. Crumb Saver and doing a lot of thinking and observing about saving money, I do understand much better how this theoretical line item on my “husband requirement” list now plays out in the grind of everyday life. Here’s what my experience has taught me. [Read more...]

7 Lessons as One-Year Homeowners: And paying it off in less than 3 years

One Year HomeownersOn July 31, 2013 we made the largest purchase of our entire lives. We signed on the dotted line and bought our first home!  It’s been one year and we are nearly halfway through paying off the house.  Yes, you read that correctly, we are slated to pay off our mortgage sometime near the end of 2015–meaning our entire mortgage would last us a little more than 2 years.  So how are we doing this?  Check out our previous post on our household income, expenses, and savings as well as the one on our monthly budget, it will provide some helpful context of our financial picture.  In this post, we’ll be sharing 7 lessons on homeownership from our experience, many of which are instrumental in allowing us to have such a short pay-off time.  Some of you might be considering buying a home now or will at some point in your lives, and it’s certainly a step that will alter your financial history forever. Hopefully some of the things we’ve learned can help those of you interested in taking the leap to owning a house too. [Read more...]

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