7 Easy Ways to Save Money on Christmas Gifts

Christmas GiftsHooray, it’s Christmas season! But along with the warm fuzzies of twinkling lights, nostalgic Christmas music, and bell ringers outside every Walmart comes the one inevitable stress of Christmas…..Christmas presents.

Now, if you’re a shopping addict that loves to ring up every item you cast your eyes upon using your 15 credit cards until the magnetic strips wear thin, you are likely to experience exhilaration instead of stress when this mega shopping season rolls around. But for those of us who love to give presents but are also struggling to balance it with our Crumb Saving principles to minimize expense (and pride in keeping our credit cards as new and shiny as possible), Christmas-time can bring a real dilemma. What is a Crumb Saver to do when we want to be generous with gift giving but still be responsible with money? [Read more…]

4 Ways My Frugal Family Made Christmas Special

Ways to Make Christmas SpecialGrowing up, my family was extremely frugal. (In fact, my parents still put me to shame in this crumb saving business.) But even though we lived so simply, my parents did like to make holidays special, especially Christmas.

At Christmas time we would decorate the house and splurge on things like a Christmas tree (sometimes purchased on Christmas Eve when they were 50% off), stringing twinkling lights up around the house, and hanging decorations that were homemade or purchased during after-Christmas sales. It was an exciting time of year for my brother and me as we would get caught up in the warm fuzzies of the holiday spirit and eagerly start marking the days off the calendar until Christmas. [Read more…]

Cheap Ways to Feed Your Soil

Feed Your SoilSeeing that we are in December, now is a great time to start preparing for the spring garden next year! (Since I know all of you are just raring to plant a garden after reading our last post.) While you may think the cold weather means it’s time to hang up our hoes for the season, I think it’s actually the best time to invest in the most important part of our garden: The Soil. So in this post, I want to share some very cheap things we use to prepare our garden soil for the next growing season. [Read more…]

Gardening to Save the Crumbs

Gardening to SaveWhen Deb and I moved into our first home last year, we knew we wanted to start our very own garden.  We both have fathers with very green thumbs, so we were eager to see if we inherited that gene. We are patently amateurs and still have tons to learn, but we enjoy discovering new things and hope to share with you as we go along.

But are there economic benefits to gardening? If we look only at the amount of the grocery budget that can be offset from the food we harvest, it would be tough to say that a small-scale home garden is the cheaper way to eat once all the costs are factored in. However, I think that gardening can DEFINITELY help to save the crumbs when we step back to look at the bigger picture. [Read more…]

A Random Crumb #4: Just Ask

Random Crumb-Just AskEvery once in a while, the Crumb Saver household shares a snapshot of a recent crumb-saving (or wasting!) incident on A Random Crumb. This column is proof that, hey, we’re people just like you! Prepare for a little randomness, a little embarrassment, but hopefully mostly encouragement.  You’ll get a sneak peek at what we actually do to save (or NOT save) in real life, which is motivation to us to stay crumby (in the good way) and (hopefully) inspiration for you join in the crumb-saving action too!

I recently returned from a trip to India (which you can read more about: India Showed Me Why I Save). To say that it was an eye-opening experience would be an understatement. I was going for work (I work for a non-profit organization) and hadn’t planned to visit the Taj Mahal. Every day was crazy busy traveling from schools to orphanages to little mountain villages and I just didn’t think I could fit it in. My last stop was to our office in Bangalore, at the southern tip of India, and I was booked to fly from there back to the US. [Read more…]

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