How to Pay Off the House in 2 Years

How to Pay Off the House in 2 YearsToday marks a momentous occasion in our lives. One for which we have been waiting for some time. No—the baby hasn’t come yet. Today marks exactly two years to the day from when we closed on our house…and today also marks the day when we have PAID THE FINAL PAYMENT ON THE HOUSE! That’s right, our home has been paid off in exactly two years.

Mortgages are so overrated.

If you’ve followed us for very long on this blog, then you’ve probably seen a number of posts on the topics related to our thoughts on and experiences in homeownership. Here they are again if you want to take in the full story:

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What Does A Baby Really Need?

What Does a Baby Need?Retailers target people at major life transitions, such as graduations, weddings, and the birth of a baby—especially the birth of a baby. They know that at these major life events, people tend to be irrational about their spending and it could potentially develop brand-loyalty for the rest of their lives. (Like when people spend $30k on a wedding!) This article from Forbes explains that Target’s marketing was so scarily effective that they automatically started sending maternity ads to a pregnant teen even before her father knew she was expecting!

As expecting parents ourselves, we have been well aware of the entire marketing world’s heavy artillery trained on the bull’s-eye on our foreheads for the past few months. The message we have been bombarded with has hit on the same, constant refrain: [Read more…]

Random Crumb #7: Tidbits from our Trip

Trip TidbitsEvery once in a while, the Crumb Saver household shares a snapshot of a recent crumb-saving (or wasting!) incident on A Random Crumb. This column is proof that, hey, we’re people just like you! Prepare for a little randomness, a little embarrassment, but hopefully mostly encouragement.  You’ll get a sneak peek at what we actually do to save (or NOT save) in real life, which is motivation to us to stay crumby (in the good way) and (hopefully) inspiration for you join in the crumb-saving action too!

Last week we got home from a long roadtrip across the country. We were gone for about 3 weeks total, drove over 2000 miles, and are still recuperating a bit from the whole ordeal. (In case you were wondering, we did not intentionally plan such a long trip so far into the pregnancy…) So in this post, I just want to share some random thoughts and sundry happenings. [Read more…]

My Thoughts on the Tesla Powerwall

Tesla PowerwallIf you’ve been keeping up with this blog, you’ll know that we are really into energy saving and even have solar panels installed at our house. (You can read our initial post called, “How We Get Paid by Our Power Company with Solar Panels” and our one-year update on the progress that was recently released.) So you should not be too surprised when I say that I’m also a bit of a Tesla fanboy.

I’ve even got some pictures to prove it. [Read more…]

1-Year Update on Our Solar Panels

Solar panel updateAbout one year ago, we shared in the post entitled “How We Get Paid By Our Power Company with Solar Panels” how we installed solar panels to offset our electricity bill. Ever since then, we haven’t paid a dime to the electric company. We’ve also built up a nice cushion of credits in our account to draw down when our electricity usage in the winter (due to our electric heat pump system) outstrips production. This has been a big help in reducing our monthly cash outflow, particularly helpful since Deb will be staying home to be with the baby real soon.

I made some projections at the time based on my research and the information given me by my local installer. I have one year’s worth of real-life data now to analyze, so I wanted to give you an update on how we did. [Read more…]

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